Why is Baidu keyword optimization so important?

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  Baidu Keyword Optimization In the perspective of traditional SEO optimization, the external chain of super text, anchor text, and plain text is to decreasing in turn, so many people are not willing to be a plain text, thinking that it is invalid for plain text.It once also thought so, but after a period of optimization of the website, the statement of the weight loss of plain text has changed the view, especially the role of the top of the top of the top, in Baidu optimization, complete hypertext and anchor text comparable!

1, increase the website weight

  The top of the plain text is still available in the improvement of the website weight. Maybe the webmaster believes that the author's website is only a case, you can also look at other websites to the top of the website, the outer chain of many websitesForms are plain text, and those ranking, many of them are hypertext or anchor texts, of course, with fewer quantities, coupled with the quality of the external chain website, causing these hyperlinks and anchor texts!

2, enhance keyword rankings

  Website weight is high, the keyword ranking naturally, this is not the long term of the website, but the core keyword of the website, and the anchor text method using anchor text, especially long tail keywords, most onlyEnhance the rankings of long-tailed keywords, the influence of the core keywords of the website is still very small, and you can only say that you can attract the spider to the website a few times!

3, plain text link to enhance the website rankings

  Pure text The outer chain is a long-term accumulated result. When the number is very large, it will bring great optimization to the website, so the optimization effect of plain text outer chain is sustained, and it will not be due to the outer chainSuddenly increased or suddenly reduced, resulting in the unstable website weight, because the number of pure texts is large, the base is large, so occasionally appear in the outer chain inside a website, suddenly disappearing, suddenly suddenly, because the base is large, so generalThe influence is small, will not cause the website ranking big big land!

  Compared with those hypertext and anchor text, it is difficult to build, plus some webmasters on websites that can stay over-link or anchor text, often increase every day, and more quantity,Even with about half of the entire website, once this website is closed, the latter has a sudden disappearance of your website's outer chain, thus causing the website ranking suddenly decreased, the website ranking is unstable is superCommon performance of text and anchor text.

4, the difficulty of plain text is difficult

  Pure text is difficult to build low, easy to achieve diversification and scale.

  Now many websites support plain text, forum signature, Baidu keyword optimized classification information network and various blogs, etc.And many of them supporting plain text outside the chain is a high-quality website, so it is easy to achieve diversification and high quality and large-scale construction places!Moreover, the number of daily builds is more than one point, nor does Baidu and other search engines, and it will not think that you are cheating, because cheating methods generally use in hypertext and anchor text, Baidu's source of these two links is verysensitive!

5, plain text link can increase Baidu-dependent domain

  When the webmaster is in the reverse link of the website, the web is deliberately watching Baidu's outer chain, and the so-called Baidu outer chain is the relevant domain of Baidu.Therefore, the webmaster is in Querying the relevant domain of Baidu when querying the reverse link.Everyone knows that in Baidu uses the Domain command, it is often the reverse link in the form of text, which is the form of the Baidu anti-chain expression.If Baidu doesn't care, why do you have this factor?And the website has a large amount of Baidu-dependent domain to help the website ranking rights.

  A portion of the webmaster believes that the Baidu-related domain does not work, in fact, it is most important to see correlation, the stronger the Baidu-dependent domain, the stronger the relevant Baidu-related domain, can also enhance the website rankings.

6, plain text link can improve the URL exposure

  The so-called plain text link is displayed in the form of an URL. When the webmaster is now registered with the domain name, it is natural to know the type name of the website by combining the website type keyword.In this way, even if you can't pass the hyperlink, just publish the text link and add the name of the website, you can also let the user know your own website type, and through a wide range of promotion of your website, you can remember your website,Thus accessing the website by entering the URL, of course, this requires your domain name easy to be easy to remember and brief.

  Just like Baidu, 163, Sina, Soso, etc., you will know what website is.So, if you return 10,000 steps, even if a plain text link cannot enhance the website's rankings, you can remember the URL and access the URL through the direct input URL. It is also very role.And a wide range of promotion of your website, allowing URLs to form a brand effect, which is very effective for accessing traffic even without search programs.

7. Impact of plain text link on website optimization

  Diversified links as much as possible to simulate users, look natural and effective, where plain text links, hyperlinks, and blending use of the anchor text, allowing the entire outer chain to build nature.

  Pure text links can be effectively transmitted

  Pure text link links are not as many people say, there is no use, and it is not small.

8, how to write a plain text link to achieve the promotion effect

  As we all know, the anchor text is an important part of the import link setting, Baidu keyword optimization through rich anchor text settings, can have an effect on the index and weight of the keyword keyword of the website topic.对于无法设置的纯文本链接,您需要在链接之前和之后处理文本内容,您可以插入关键字。